Projector Screens in any Environment

Screen Innovations has always done things a bit differently. Founded in 2004 out of Ryan Gustafson's garage, Screen Innovations set out to completely revolutionize the projector screen industry. We like to say that "Innovation is our DNA" because the building blocks of our company, our essence, thrives on creating products that challenge the industry by thinking outside the dedicated theater room.

Screen Innovations created Black DiamondTM, the first and only projector screen to reject 85% of ambient light in both horizontal and vertical plans. For the first time ever, you could now enjoy watching the game in your living room, with all the lights on.

Watching movies and playing games on the big screen and became an experience anyone could enjoy in any environment!

Seeing is Believing

Screen Innovations (SI) is a leading manufacturer of projection screens for residential and commercial applications. SI is best known for Black Diamond™, a screen that absorbs ambient light from all directions and only selectively reflects back the projector's light. The result is 900% more contrast in most conditions, allowing you to utilize projection in any room environment, light or dark.

SI innovations screens rejects 65% of your room's ambient light, versus 10% from standard screens, you get a richer picture in light or dark rooms. Add Zero Edge™ and get the look and feel of a flat-panel TV with its pencil-thin 10mm bezel and stunning image quality.


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