Live the Cinema Experience like never before, in the Comfort of your Home
Each DERITEC EXCLUSIVE cinema room is unique and exclusive, designed and planned specifically for each project, personalization is integral, both in terms of design, equipment and technical solutions.

For DERITEC EXCLUSIVE, careful attention to detail is imperative. Consequently, we have created home cinemas with a remarkable level of quality, concern with soundproofing of the room, attention to detail of all the finishes of the room, and even the structure is carefully planned for the purpose of an exceptional outcome.

Lighting, sound, projection and soundproofing studies are carried out in order to ensure that all phases are performed according to the client's expectations and that the home cinema is materialized in a space where each cinema experience is unique and memorable.

The advanced technology is present in all the equipment of the rooms, from the speakers to the screens and projectors, which are subject to color calibration, the comfort of the armchairs is extraordinary, with exclusive design and adapted to the personal taste of each client, often are developed by some brands, exclusive products for DERITEC EXCLUSIVE.

Only high-quality products are applied by DERITEC EXCLUSIVE in its movie theaters, exclusively world-class brands that battle daily to evolve technology, developing equipment that excites new emotions and sensations.

In a movie theater, sound optimization is crucial to the whole experience, so to get all the emotions in the music of the movie, you need the best equipment that offers the most pure and balanced sound.

The shivering sensation that pierces the body when we hear the purity of sound, the emotion in our eyes that overflows when we contemplate the perfect image, the memory that endures whenever we have the privilege of witnessing a masterpiece.

All these sensations can only be achieved, when the totality of elements of your home cinema is in perfect harmony.


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