For rooms with ample sunlight, you can integrate a shading solution with electric lighting for total light control. Shades can be preset for different room uses or adjusted for changes in time of day or season. Lutron® Shading Systems provide precision control of daylight – all at the touch of a button. 

+ Sivoia® QS Roller

Lutron® rolling shutters create the perfect light for any space or activity with a choice of transparent, dark and opaque fabrics. Choose a pure one to maintain the vision while it diffuses UV rays that can damage the furniture.
O Sivoia® QS Roller controls the movement of the shadow, keeps track the position of the shadow and adjust the to the default positions desired by the user.

+ Ultra quiet operation
+ Shadows move in perfect harmony and exact precision alignment
+ Soft, ultra-quiet starts, and stops
+ Offers programmable shutdown points. The EDU tracks the position of the shadow and is able to set it to predetermined locations on the touch of a button
+ Provides maximum window coverage with the smallest possible light gaps between the shade cloth and the window frame

+ Easy-to-read and easy-to-use controls are I understood immediately
+ 8 year limited warranty

+ Alena TM QS Drapery System

The Alena TM Drapery System is an easily installed, low-cost window treatment solution designed for the hospitality and multi-dwelling market.

+ Allows for motorized operation with or without remote controls 
+ Ultra-quiet operation
+ Left, right, and center-draw options
+ All drives start, move, and stop with precision
+ Ceiling or recess mounting options
+ Can be installed in new construction or retrofit application
+ 8 year limited warranty

+ Skylight shade

The new Skylight Shade from Lutron® combine electronic drive technology with a unique tension system. The fabric is kept taut and parallel to skylights and angled windows regardless of slope to control daylight through the skylight and angled window applications. Reduce glare and save energy by minimizing heat gain.

+ Light-blocking fascia eliminates gaps around fabric when closed
+ Concealed cable guides maximize view when open
+ Wide variety of high performance fabrics
+ Unique tension-absorbing frame eliminates stress on the surrounding ceiling structure
+ Reliable performance under extreme temperatures
+ Smooth, quiet, precise movement of skylight shades
+ One-touch control through keypad or IR remote
+ Seamless integration with other Lutron® products and lighting controls


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