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From Viana do Castelo, with more than 400 structures in 13 years, we made wooden modular construction and engineering possible across the whole world, where the entrepreneurial capacity, know-how, professionalism, and persistence are determining factors towards continuous growth.

"We transform the best that nature has to offer"

No other material comes to us in such a natural way, nor is it as warm and pleasing to the touch. Both in quality and esthetic value, wood represents the best way to create a surrounding environment of comfort and familiarity. Factoring in these attributes, Portilame specializes in transforming something so natural and beautiful in versatile, steady and safe structures.

Isn't wood one of the most shapable and fascinating elements?

Attached to a strong esthetic component, the work done by Portilame, aims to, through contemporaneous architecture, reinterpret the esthetic and interior comfort.

Everything is personalized to the very last detail, making it possible to aggregate modules, choose the function of each and every space and all the materials that make up the work.

The quickness of executions is in the order of a third of the time compared to traditional building, guaranteeing a better management of the investment, ​Without limits of geometric form in custom works of houses and buildings.

The results of studies and tests made in wooden structures assure us a highly specialized knowledge with many advantages towards competing material such as concrete or steel.

"Nobody is indifferent to great structures built with wood"

For interventions and rehabilitations, we have at our disposal a specialized technical staff, with proven work in historical centers of big cities, regularly intervening with structural strengthening to the construction of new structures, always accounting for the existing constructive system.

In the project areas, we develop effective studies and analysis of wooden structures, both flat and spatial, through realistic modeling by taking into account material properties and loads. Analyzing the results, we obtain the deformations, internal forces and support reactions as well as contact stresses with the ground.

In synergy with architects, we carry out stability projects for wood structures, as well as structural licensing projects, and conversions of conventional structural projects into wooden solutions.


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