Video Projection screens for the Ultimate Home Theater

ClearPix™ Fabrics

The magic of home theater is based on the suspension of disbelief; that moment when the viewer is totally immersed in an audio/video experience, when sound and image work seamlessly. This challenge drove the development of Screen Research's patented ClearPix™ screen fabric.

Ideally, with the large images possible with a projection screen, loudspeakers need to be placed behind the screen. This presents obvious problems. A conventional solution is to micro-perforate the screen and apply acoustic correction to the audio signal. With the advent of fixed pixel projectors, the regular pattern of holes in the screen can coincide with the image matrix, creating a disturbing visual effect, moiré.

ClearPix2 solves both of these issues in one fabric. The fabric's woven construction avoids moiré and provides an acoustically transparent structure with minimal insertion loss and no need for acoustic correction. At the same time, ClearPix2 maintains perfect color balance and a uniform white field, with no hot spots for the ultimate video performance. Such are the performance levels of ClearPix2 for both audio and video that it is certified to both THX and ISF standards.

+ THX and ISF certified screen fabrics;
+ Acoustically Transparent;
+ Moiré-free and moiré resistant designs;
+ Perfect color balance and white field uniformity with no hot spots;
+ Designed for use with all fixed matrix projectors.

Fixed Frame Screens with Masking

C-Mask screens offer a basic level of masking allowing switching between two fixed aspect ratios. Screen Research's Reference X-Mask screens permit a full range of variable masking options, catering for any image ratio from 1.33:1 to the Ben-Hur ratio of 2.76:1.

All screens specified with ClearPix2 fabric feature THX certified acoustically transparent masking as standard making the most of the audio experience at any image aspect ratio.


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