General Business Activities DERITEC EXCLUSIVE has been established as a Home Control, AV Distribution and Home Cinema company in the south of Portugal. Our traditional business model is based on System Integration.

Every day the fascination with technology motivates us to explore, investigate and learn something exceptional.

The dedication of each project of Home Control or Home Cinema is driven by the intention to transform any project into a work of art ready to be lived, and to offer the client its materialized vision.

Imagine controlling everything in your home. At every moment, the intelligent lighting adjusts to create special environments, the automation of the components of your house intervenes while you relax after a long day, feel the comfort of the adjustable air-conditioning system according to your needs and most importantly, keep your family safe and watch everything that happens in your home.

The films were created to transport us to other scenes, worlds or times, to transmit emotions and feelings, which open our minds and stimulate creativity.

Each element of a film is designed, thought and planned to fulfill a purpose, just like in DERITEC EXCLUSIVE home theaters. We create completely personalized personal rooms theaters, designed thinking about the memorable experience of watching a good movie. The sound that make you shiver, the colors that radiate sensations, the image that transports to other places, the texture of the seats that transmits tranquility, creating the ideal setting to fully enjoy each experience.

This level of quality can only be achieved when we surround ourselves with the best international brands, which through exceptional work, advance the technology daily, bringing the future closer.

Technology is our inspiration, making the permanent search for innovation the best part of our work. Constant updating is indispensable, and our presence at international events and fairs is regular. Always with the aim in mind to gather the maximum of resources and innovative technologies so that we can present to our clients the best and the most current available in the market.

Being a pioneer in the implementation of various innovative technologies in practical and real scenarios, we are the first to transmit some feedback to the brands that develop the technologies.

This feedback results from extensive field tests, where problems arise that only practical situations reveal. In cooperation with the brands are suggested solutions that exponentially increase the quality of the systems and consequently the final result for the customer.

We maintain a close relationship with the brands we choose to work in order to deliver excellence to our customers, only the exceptional ones, who are clearly ahead of their time and who bring the equipment and technologies to new levels of quality, that correspond to the level of quality that DERITEC EXCLUSIVE wants and that customers demand.

The professionalism of the whole team is constant and has been consolidated over time, from the technicians to the administrators, through many years of experience and also of the many projects carried out with different levels of demand.

In addition, the investigation of the most varied technical and technological solutions is incessant, as is the enthusiasm of learning and progressing daily.

The fulfillment of each need and realization of the client's vision in a project is the main objective.

DERITEC EXCLUSIVE internally has programmers, technicians, engineers, among others, being independent of third parts to perform any process required by the project.
In this way, it is possible to obtain the maximum control and quality corresponding to the level of rigor of DERITEC EXCLUSIVE.

The excellence of the services is due to the speed in the creation of detailed budgets, all the projects have total technical support, from the beginning and in all the phases, the projects are realized by engineers, the technical and technological solutions most appropriate to each case are presented to the customer, only high-quality materials are applied to the entire facility, where all cables used, exclusive to the Deritec Exclusive brand, have a lifetime warranty. In addition, customized and detailed scenarios are developed to anticipate any future project and customer needs, ensuring that all requirements are met.

The shiver of hearing a song, the excitement of watching a movie, the atmosphere created in a romantic night, the family together next to the television is the purpose of DERITEC EXCLUSIVE.

All the trajectory traveled by DERITEC EXCLUSIVE, the years of experience, the technical research, the dedication of the people, have left marks of wisdom and competence that are transmitted to every interaction with our clients.


PURPOSE To be a leader in the Home Control Integration industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

VISION To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

MISSION statement To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

CORE VALUES We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith
We grow through creativity, invention and innovation.
We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning


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