Primetheater® performs a turnkey service, making the whole process of executing cinemas easy, taking into account acoustic concerns, installation time and the quality of the materials applied.

PRIMETHEATER® was born with the passion of Home Cinema. Which led us to develop a new constructive cinema system so that our customers can have the best experience possible.

The films were created to transport us to other scenarios, worlds or times, to convey emotions and feelings, which open our minds and stir creativity.

Each element of a film is conceived, thought and planned to fulfill an objective, just like in PRIMETHEATER® cinemas. We created completely personalized personal cinemas, designed with the memorable experience of watching a good movie in mind. The chilling sound, the colors that radiate sensations, the image that transports you to other places, the texture of the chair that conveys tranquility, create the ideal setting to fully enjoy each experience.

This level of quality can only be reached when we surround ourselves with the best international brands, which, through exceptional work, advance technology daily, bringing the future closer.


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